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Invest in Automated Timekeeping

Stop wasting countless man hours on timekeeping with automated timekeeping solutions from Total Pay Inc. Year after year, these systems will pay for themselves - returning savings back to you in the form of reduced labor costs, human error costs, and payroll staff costs by directly integrating your employee's punches.

Standard terminals

  • Set-up within minutes

  • Collects data via card swipes, pin codes, or biometric scans

  • Transmits data to a database automatically - up to 3 times a day

Biometric clocks

  • Real time punch and time data is transmitted

  • Can be included or added to eliminate "buddy punching"

Web-based solutions

  • Allows employees to clock in and out through the Internet without any hardware needed

  • Web data editing and reporting

  • Real time data

  • Time cards can be viewed online

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Features and benefits

  • Employee scheduling and rounding

  • Automatic daily lunch deductions

  • Supervisor login access (limited access login)

  • Holiday pay settings

  • Labor distribution

  • Overtime settings